Expat Blog Post Featuring John Marcarian

July 17, 2015

Leading expat social network Expat-blog.com has recently posted an article about John Marcarian and his experiences as an expatriate.

In the article John talks about important issues such as establishing the CST Singapore office, finding the right accommodation, settling in to the Singaporean lifestyle and how Expatland the book can help soon-to-be expatriates.

Specially designed for those living or wishing to live abroad, Expat blog provides you information and advice to settle and live overseas.

Expat blog helps you throughout your project. Discover life in your host country, get in touch with the other expats and find all the info needed for your everyday life.

To read the article, visit the Expat Blog site on www.expat-blog.com or click on the link http://www.expat-blog.com/en/interview/426_john-in-singapore.html

Matthew Marcarian

Matthew Marcarian

Matthew is the principal of CST Tax Advisors in Sydney. As a Chartered Accountant and international tax specialist, he brings more than two decades of experience to bear when advising clients who are investing or moving across borders. He holds a Master of Taxation, is a Chartered Tax Advisor and a Registered Tax Agent.

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