Residency in a Global Pandemic: Advising the Returning Australian

September 8, 2020

Our principal, Matthew Marcarian, was recently published in Australia’s leading tax journal, Taxation in Australia (run by the Tax Institute), with his article titled “Residency in a global pandemic: advising the returning Australian“.

A brief overview of the tax residency issues that have arisen with COVID can be read here.

In his article Matthew breaks down the intricacies of the rules regarding tax residency for expats who have returned to Australia during this global pandemic.

If you are an expat who has returned to Australia due to the pandemic you may have to seek advice on your tax position.

Matthew has over 20 years of international tax experience advising clients on cross border tax matters. His depth of knowledge in this area will give you the clarity you need to understand your tax obligations as a result of returning to Australia.

Contact us today to discuss your residency status.

Matthew Marcarian

Matthew Marcarian

Matthew is the principal of CST Tax Advisors in Sydney. As a Chartered Accountant and international tax specialist, he brings more than two decades of experience to bear when advising clients who are investing or moving across borders. He holds a Master of Taxation, is a Chartered Tax Advisor and a Registered Tax Agent.

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