Webinar – Australian Property, Tax and Finance Update

Matthew Marcarian   |   28 Jul 2022   |   100 MIN VIEW

Our Principal, Matthew Marcarian, joined Rich Harvey of the Propertybuyer and Steven Ress of Ressfin Lending Solutions, in a webinar that provides an update on the Australian property market and the tax and finance implications.

If you are looking to purchase or invest in Australian property, then you must watch this webinar.

With a rapidly changing economic environment midway through 2022, it can be easy to lose perspective of the long-term picture. Rising interest rates, high inflation and cost of living pressures, global share market uncertainty and falling consumer sentiment, can leave many of us wondering what is the best financial move to make?

The webinar covers key topics including:

  • When is the right time to buy?
  • Borrowing capacity declining vs prices decline – which will drop faster?
  • Is property really an inflation hedge during these times?
  • Debt recycling – using your lazy equity
  • Rates are normalising – when will they stabilise?
  • What smart home buyers and investors do in times of uncertainty?
  • Classic mistakes most investors make around deductibility of Interest
  • Capital Gains Tax – myths vs reality
  • How to qualify for the Main Residence Exemption


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