Australian Companies with an International Presence

We can assist Australian companies who have expanded abroad ensure their international business structure continues to support their changing business goals.

You may have expanded abroad successfully and grown your businesses. Your business goals today, will undoubtedly be different now that you are an established international business.

We can assist you by:

  • understanding your business goals and reviewing your international business structure to ensure it is optimised for the next stage in your business growth
  • advising you as you embark on future expansion plans
  • advising you on how to comply with Australia’s international tax rules

How we can assist Australian companies with an international presence

Global Expansion

We have dedicated CST Tax Advisors offices in the USA, UK and Singapore and a network of colleagues around the world. No matter which market you are expanding to,
we can help.

International Tax Advisory

Our team of experienced international tax advisors can review your current international business structure and ensure it supports your future business goals.

Company Tax Reporting

We are international tax specialists, and as your ongoing tax provider, will ensure you are aware of and taking advantage of new legislation as it is released.

“I am an unapologetic fan of the CST Tax Advisors team. Their knowledge and their global reach has ensured that my companies have been able to maximise profits from cross-border contracts.”

Steve Nally, Group Vice President, ModuResources

Who we can assist in your company

Company Founder

You have successfully grown an international business and may now be seeking to expand further or perhaps exit the business.

No matter what your future plans, as the Company Founder, you need to consider how the growth of the business affects both the business and your personal tax position.

We can help with both your business and personal tax.

Financial Controller

Perhaps you have been with the business through its international growth or you have recently been appointed in a position that overseas international subsidiaries.

We can help you review and ensure that the current international business structure supports the future business goals.

Our team of experienced international tax advisors will give you the peace of mind that the business structure you are entrusted with managing is meeting the needs of the business.

Ensure your international business structure will support your business goals

Our team of experienced international tax advisors will review your current international business structure and provide advice that ensures your business in ideally structured to achieve future business goals.

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