Moving to Australia Tax Review

The Moving to Australia Tax Review is designed to provide high level summary tax advice to executives looking to move to Australia. It addresses the issues you need to be aware of before you arrive in Australia.

Key areas covered in the Moving to Australia Tax Review include:

  • how your employment income will be taxed
  • how overseas assets (including foreign real estate) will be taxed in Australia
  • whether you will receive credits for foreign taxes paid
  • the impact of exchange rate movements on taxable income
  • the treatment of employee share scheme interests and overseas superannuation or pension assets

How We Deliver The Moving to Australia Tax Review


We begin by asking you to complete our Fact Finder. The Fact Finder asks you to identify your financial situation including your assets and investments, how they are owned and your financial goals.


After reviewing your Fact Finder, one of our team will meet with you to discuss your individual circumstances and highlight tax opportunities, strategies and risks which may be relevant to you.


Following your Tax Review meeting, we will prepare a written summary covering the issues discussed in your meeting, any additional work required or action points that need addressing.


As part of your tax review, we will raise areas which we believe you need to obtain further advice on from Tax Advisors who specialise in the tax system of your home country. Where required, we can assist you to obtain the necessary advice by seeking assistance from our international associates.


In providing you with specialist tax advice, we will get to know your tax situation in detail. Armed with this knowledge, we are best placed to take responsibility of your ongoing tax obligations in Australia, if you choose to appoint us as your tax agent.

Avoid unnecessary tax bill surprises.

Our team will clarify the impact your move to Australia will have on your tax position
and highlight your ongoing tax obligations once you’ve arrived.

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